Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tom at Three

Three is a great age!
Tom is so funny and sweet and affectionate.
We're still having some trouble getting him to put all his wees and poos in the toilet so I tried getting him some cool new dinosaur pants in the hope it would make him more interested in keeping them dry. I told him not to wee on the dinosaur as it would make him cross! So he says 'The dinosaur would be cross and eat me all up and there would be nothing left for you to cuddle!'

Tom is obsessed with the postman in his postman van and...hand dryers in public toilets.

We've become hand dryer tourists and regularly discuss the location of the best hand dryers in the Newtownabbey area...
'The library has a hand dryer, doesn't it mommy?' 'We can only use the hand dryer if we put a wee in the toilet, hey mommy?' If we use the pink toilet at Fun Works, we can use the hand dryer there?' 'The big toilet at Fun Works didn't have a hand dryer mommy'. 'The hand dryer at the park wasn't working that time we went mommy!' 'Does Amy's football have a hand dryer?' 'Playzone has lots of hand dryers in the ladies toilet!' 'We don't have a hand dryer at home, do we mommy?'

He's so funny.

He gives the best and the tightest hugs and squeezes.
He still loves Peppa Pig and Blaze and the Monster Machines. He loves poking puddles and ice with a stick. He loves his ride on motor bike. He loves the park! Every day after dropping Amy off to school he begs to go to the park. He loves outside!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Tom and Granda's birthday party

We had a party for Tom and granda in Ballymena. Nana had decorated, there were balloons, pirate masks, pistols, party bags, colouring in books, lots of party food and cakes. 
Tom opened up more presents before we ate pizza and sausages, salads, chicken strips and veggie spring rolls. There were berries and fruit and ice cream and trifle too. 
The children all stood up and sang for a prize of a pirate themed book. James sang 5 little monkeys, Tom sang twinkle twinkle and Amy stood up with some persuading and sang this little light of mine :)
They all had a lot of fun!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Toms 3rd birthday

In the morning before school, Tom opened up his presents with Amy's help. He got a big hotwheels track, some Dr Suess books, a fire engine back pack he can use for nursery in September, some clothes, and a digger and dump truck.
There wasn't time to set up the hot wheels track before I had to take Amy to school and she was a bit disappointed that Tom would get to play with it without her!
I was going to take Tom to Play Zone at the Valley Leisure Centre but he just wanted to go to the park instead. So he spent an hour and a half on his motor bike around the Valley Park, then in to the play ground for a while. 
I took him to McDonalds for lunch and a look at the fish and the bunnies in the pet shop before it was time to pick Amy up.
The two of them spent the afternoon playing with the new toys and they took the big Lightening McQueen out the front of the house for a drive.
After we'd had dinner, we brought through his cake and sang happy birthday and he blew out the candles and they each had 2 slices! Amy went for a third slice, but couldn't finish it :)

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Christmas day

Father Christmas came!!
I think Amy was most impressed with her Christmas stocking. It was stuffed full of chocolate coins, Matey bubble bath, glow sticks, more chocolates, some small cuddlies, stickers.
She got her Nerf Nitro she's been asking for for the past 4 months too. And Lego, board games, play doh, books. And then there was the big surprise of the Lightning McQueen left in the shed for the children to drive in and they almost lost their minds...

Who thought it was a good idea to give that child a weapon?!

The children are awfully fond of aunty Kerri. They were sad to say goodbye when she had to go to the airport to fly back to Bristol.

Aunty Janette and James came over in the evening. They played a bit and got suitably wound up just before bed time. 

Christmas Eve

We went in to town for a walk around the Tower centre and stopped in Costa for a hot chocolate and a little bakewell tart.
After the children had their dinner we gave them both their new Lightning McQueen pajamas and the Super Nintendo (Lee had really bought for himself), we had time for a quick game of Mario kart, put out the mince pie and port and a carrot for Rudolph, pick a stocking and up to bed.
They must have been tired because they were both asleep pretty quickly!