Monday, 9 April 2018

More S.A

Amy came down with the virus and the high temperature, loss of appetite and vomiting. So much nurofen and calpol in a 2 week holiday!
She decided she really liked the tea in South Africa.

 Tom 'quickly, get me dressed before Nushka bites my willy and my bum...then I'll be the boy with no willy and no bum'!
Oh Tom.

We spent a day out at the new Lion park close to Hartebeesport dam. We fed the giraffe and Thomas was very impressed!

 Grandpa and Justice went to get some spares. Tom waved them off at my old bedroom window. I overheard Tom say to Amy 'when do you think grandpa will be back Amy? Are you missing grandpa Amy?'
'Yes, very much Tom'.

 Ma dug out some of our old Noddy books. Amy and Tom loved the stories and that was what we read every day and night of our stay! We brought them home to enjoy them here too :)

In grandpa's garage

Grandpa let Tom go for a ride on his lift. Such fun!


 Amy made us this 'train'. We were going to Barry's in Portrush, then on to Cape Town station!
 Granny got the children some Easter eggs and she hid them in the back garden. Amy was so excited to go looking for her eggs! They sat on the grass and munched on chocolates!


We spent two nights in Clarens. I picked up whatever virus Tom had and was feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself. We stayed at a lovely self catering apartment called Hakuna Matata. Amy liked that :) On the second and last night Lee lit the fire and we all sat up and watched it. The children were very excited. We'd been to the pizza restaurant that has a climbing frame and slide out the front. Amy and Tom had been playing until it got dark. They both slept well that night!

 They loved the old tractor at the Artists Cafe!

 A drive through the Golden Gate national park and a stop at the Bus Stop!

 Lunch at Clementines was a highlight. I'd had no appetite at all, but the grilled sole was so good.
We called in to a cheese farm outside of Clarens on our way home. We tasted some cheese.

Rietvlei zoo farm

Granny came along with us to Rietvlei. Lee wanted to try to trail run, so while he did that, the children played on the climbing frames, and granny blew some bubbles which they 'popped with their rhino horns'.
When Lee was finished, he joined us and we got some tickets for pony rides!
It was Tom's first pony ride and he'd been talking about having one for some time so he was excited!


The night before we went to South Africa, Thomas woke at 10pm with a very high temperature. He was up throughout the night and threw up in the morning. It was pretty stressful. I was worried about him, and I had a whole lot of washing of bedding and pajamas to do before we left for the airport!
We arrived on a Friday. Poor Tom was so hot and sick until he woke up on Sunday morning looking and probably feeling a lot better!
Lee had entered a race at Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens, so we were away at 5:30am to get there for registration. 
The children played in the playground until Lee was finished, then we went for breakfast at the cafe. We stuck around for the results and Lee came in 3rd and got to stand on the podium and get a medal :)
 Amy loved grannys paper cutters and craft things! She spent lots of time at the kitchen table, drawing and colouring and cutting paper :)
 We went to Spur for nachos and ice cream!
 Lunch at the le Roux's
 Looking for geckos in granny's veggie patch.

 A trip to Pick n Pay

 Daddy does the best braai
 Amy loves Nushka
 Fun at the Botanical Gardens